City Slikers

“City Slickers” Go Round & Round

So the wind was still blowing but that did not scare the old faithful City

Slickers, once again to take on the challenge of Beating There own Times.

With the 2nd last edition of the year Guy decided with help by Waggy to

add some spice to the course and change it up for the night. With some

new paddlers from Hungry they also run a Sup school , we did not want

them to suffer in the wind. So we decided to do a double loop of the island

and make it a 1.9km course for the night.

We all lined up and tried to stay upright in the wind, Adam counted us

down and off we went, Started like a down winder and even had a couple

of little runs. Guy got going and was gone, think he was trying to beat

some work problems out of his paddle. Craig Girdlestone, Waggy and Brad

Orkin were all in hot pursuit. Hetti and Andreas were showing some good

form and pushed the others hard in the start but the local knowledge of

the left hand paddling caught up to them. Lots of left hand paddling round

the island specially going twice round. Dean seamed to be lost and was

looking for Santa on the canal and Paul and Adrian were not in rein deer

delivery mode either.

Also welcome to Craig Algie and Collin van Zyl to the great City Slickers

time trial hope to see you guy’s every week. The price for Santa and Mrs

Claus must go to Hetti and Andreas you both did well welcome to Cape

Town enjoy your stay and come join us again. We finished off with some

cool drinks some green drinks and a couple of Boerie rolls.

Next week is the last edition for the year so come on down before you

head out to your vacation homes villas and hotels or camp sites. Come Beat

your time before the year is out and the next one starts because 2013 is

going to be fast and fun and Sup Cape Town is bring it All.

1 Guy Bubb 13.12

2 Craig Girdlestone 15.09

3 Paul Wagstaff 15.31

4 Bradley Orkin 15.37

5 Hetti Kiraly (1st lady) 15.49

6 Andreas Norothy 16.21

7 Paul Ruger 17.21

8 Adrian Pickstock 17.40

9 Colin van Zyl 17.50

10 Craig Algie 21.38

11 Dean Phillips 21.51


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